So you want to find out more about me?

Design and back-end development are essential for the web, but the exciting area where they meet is front-end development. As a front-end developer, I get to take a design – something that’s beautiful but static – and turn it into an interface, where its components become tools for unique experiences on the web.

The best deployment can cause problems down the road if someone didn’t build it to be reusable and adaptable. But a great front-end developer brings designs to the fullness of their intention and sets up a webpage to be flexible and successful years into the future.

I am Salah Bedeiwi, Graduated from University of Mn, Minneapolis.

Degree on Electrical Engineering in RF and Controls.

Why Software? Passion about it

My design process involves

Web Designer

Research – Determining what a client aims to achieve, who competitors are, what a client’s current website achieves, who uses the current website and the problems they face, etc.

Wireframing – Rapid design of the most effective layouts for a website/application

Mockups – Application of colour, typography, texture etc

Brand Guidelines – Where necessary, I provide brand guidelines and style guides that ensure my designs can easily be maintained and consistently applied elsewhere throughout the life-cycle of a product.

Web Developer

I create websites that allow the user to experience a website in the best and most appropriate way suited to the device they are using.

By working using progressive enhancement, a website is delivered with a responsive layout that can best make use of the space available on the smallest to largest devices.

Cross browser compatibility is ensured by using feature detection so older browsers still in use today provide a solid experience, while modern browsers can go the next step and enhance the users time spent on your site.

Writing semantic markup that is documented and easy to read means it can be maintained and scaled in the future, and allows co-workers to quickly work with it.

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